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What a Week!

Let’s start with getting a spot on local radio… I had the incredible fortune to be featured on TONIGHT’s Homegrown Toledo Creatives, from 7-8pm EST on WAKT 106.1 and you should listen because I only flub up my words a little bit. Besides, you’ll get to hear the very talented Lucian Townes and Unfiltered, a funny improv crew who are the hardest working radio improv group in town!

Please tune in or stream live online at and on their mobile app for android and apple... TOLEDORADIO.ORG WAKT 106.1 FM Toledo – Toledo's Community Radio Station WAKT We Act Radio is a community radio station based in Toledo, Ohio and broadcasting on 106.1FM. As a community radio station, we give the residents of a Toledo a way to know each other through music, talk, and other forms of programming. The content of our station is generated by the community.

That was just the start, because I also picked up my Art Box from the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo. Again, I am so excited to have been able to contribute to a box full of adventure.

And on top of all that, a few poems are going to come out later this month… two in Of Rust and Glass ( and one in Dissonance (

Not only that, but I have some very exciting news about a grant that will help me get into some small press work… I’ll save that news for later!

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