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Just Take Care And Be Part Of The Share

Toledo retailers know the power of arts to help bring together community and build business. Economic interconnectedness reinforces our community and to put it plainly, spending money locally builds local arts and entertainment as well.

Poetry is the perfect language we can all share. Add to that a celebration of Earth Day and business that wants to help you go green, and you've got the makings for a beautiful Monday!

Doors open at 5pm and readings begin at 6pm at JustToledo located at 909 Jefferson Avenue in downtown Toledo.

Contest winners will read their poems and everyone is invited to attend and share their eco-poems as well!

Eco-poetry finds its soul in community and interconnectedness. Moving beyond descriptions of pastures into real questions of how we relate to our natural world, what our influence and obligations are, and what's ultimately at stake.

I am so excited to celebrate going green, buying local, and sharing our poetry at JustLocal tomorrow! Hope to see a few of you there!

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