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Tonight’s the Night!

Semidomesticated book release reading is tonight and I cannot wait! Not only do I get to share this excitement with the very talented Leonard Kress who is celebrating the release of his latest, Craniotomy Sestinas, but also some of the incredible Toledo poets who I admire and get to work with so often are joining us. This is the community who help make books possible, through their workshop feedback, open mic opportunities, and constant inspiration. If you have a moment, check out why I love Toledo poetry so very much, tonight at 7:30EST on Facebook Live… When We Release the Books, You Will Have Semidomesticated Craniotomy.

In addition, if you find your favorite Toledo Streets Newspaper vendor, grab a copy of the latest issue. There’s a pretty sweet interview in there and I’m awfully proud to have a write-up in one of my favorite free presses. They’ve gone digital, so here’s an e-copy to check out, but finding a vendor and buying the real thing is always the best move.

Plenty more excitement in the next month, but for right now… I’m just excited about getting these books and sharing them with you!

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