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The Best Time to Join Ohio Poetry Association is Now!

Quick post today to spread the love of OPA. I've been a member for a number of years and Membership Chair since 2021 and I've made new connections all across this state.

Not only is membership a low-cost way to stay connected to poets from all four corners of Ohio, it links you to poets across the country through its affiliation with National Federation of State Poetry Societies. You stay informed about annual conventions and contests, poetry news and events.

The Ohio Whistlestop Poetry Tour is underway and our next stop is Sandusky, Ohio on April 20th! OPA has teamed up with Poets Against Racism and Hate USA to host poetry readings at historic sites, featuring poets and poems that honor Ohio's Underground Railroad sites and share our support for social justice.

From May 24th through 26th, we'll host the Sun & Moon Festival in Yellow Springs, Ohio. I already love the area, but then to add David Baker as the featured poet, poetry workshops with Ruth Awad and Sara Moore Wagner among others, and countless readings and activities in beautiful Glen Helen... I am THERE!

It takes a team of incredible volunteers to do all of this work. And I want to give respect and applause to these incredible poets and poetry leaders:

  • Chuck Salmons, who has devoted years to leading and growing OPA and just keeps working hard for all of us

  • Susann Moeller, who can find grant money in a grain of sand, understands the business of business and who is one of the finest eco-poets around

  • Rikki Santer, the kindest woman who gets all kinds of work done while you think you're just pleasantly chatting

  • Chris Minton, like a bouncer with a spreadsheet, just quietly keeping us on course and holding the fort

  • Steve Concert, who jumps in when someone needs to jump in and who keeps us connected to NFSPS

  • Steve Abbott, who has been editing the finest poetry into Common Threads and always lends a hand

  • Tom Barlow, have you met Tom Barlow? Can there be a kinder soul?

  • Jessica Weyer-Bentley, who takes on new challenges and is moving student contests in new directions

  • Karen Scott, you can't tell me she isn't perfect

  • Jeremy Jusek, who embodies pure energy, so full of ideas and plans and excitement

What better time is there than National Poetry Month to show your support for Ohio poets and poetry than right now? Get in here and check out Ohio Poetry Association by becoming a member, sponsoring a membership for a poet you know, or just making a donation so we can keep doing all this good poetry stuff.

(OH, and if you're already a member, don't forget to renew!)

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Hi, I am having issues with the Ohio poetry Association site payment

Replying to

I'm sorry to hear that. Let us know through the website if you continue to have trouble.

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