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Now, Where Was I?

Well, it’s been a minute… not only was April a fantastic and busy Poetry Month, but May passed in a blur of my youngest kid’s high school graduation and rolled into a race through “everybody busy” June!

But let’s step back a minute because some really amazing things happened during that time:

  • I featured on April 2nd in The Blue Collar Gospel Hour’s Poetry Hour

  • My poem “Self-Kettled” was published in Ofi Press Issue 69, alongside the incredible work of the Cherry Point Writing Workshop I’ve been blessed to be able to write with

  • Two of my poems were published in Issue 5 of the Lunch Bucket Brigade and I had the opportunity to read with amazing contributors there

  • The incredible Ashley Eichner-Pendell interviewed me from Milan, Michigan for Milan Public Library’s Hello Neighbor! series

  • Cuyahoga County Library’s Second Sunday Poets series featured me on April 11th. Many thanks to Doc Janning for his hosting of that fantastic series!

  • I got my second covid vaccine shot on April 19th - Yippee! Freedom tastes so sweet!

  • On that same day, my youngest kid was a finalist in Toledo’s Ode to the Zip Code annual writing contest. He didn’t win, but the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo, along with the Board of Lucas County Commissioners and the Toledo Lucas County Public Library, announced applications and nominations opening for a new Lucas County Poet Laureate

  • Waterwheel Review published my poem “After You’ve Saved a Life"

  • As a fundraiser for Bowling Green, Ohio’s Black Swamp Players, I had the chance to do a virtual poetry reading with the very talented Adrian Lime, Kerry Trautman and Cathy Essinger called “(virtual) Poet Tea."

  • I had the fantastic opportunity to read with Women of Appalachia Project’s “Women Speak” hosted by Dairy Barn Art Center in Athens, Ohio

  • The Class of 2019 graduates of Marge Piercy’s Intensive Writing Workshop gathered virtually for a reading with 2012 graduate Susan Glassmeyer and 2021 graduate Paula Lambert.

  • And there were three outstanding Uncloistered Poetry readings that I had the privilege to host in the meantime...

Not only that, but I started working on some more events to come and lining up some incredible readings. But let’s take a breath before we dive into that...

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