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Life's a Full-Time Job...

Especially during National Poetry Month. Despite having submissions to review, contests to judge, memberships to log, events to plan, and general poetry mayhem to stir up, I still have... you know, life to deal with. Doctor appointments to set, a leopard gecko and aging dog to feed, a crumbling house to hold together with duck tape and cheap paint. And people to care for. So you might find, that after a full day of sending emails and updating lists, planning little bits of this event and that, you are standing in your kitchen at 10:30pm just starting to make dinner. (Turkey and sweet potato meatballs, new recipe - we'll see how it goes.) And that your plans for finishing that new poem, reading your pal's new book, and getting an exciting and informative new blog post up... well, they just don't always get done on time!

Sometimes your brand new poem is a sheet full of meatballs, using up leftover sweet potato and baked in the oven (because we are lucky to have decent insurance, but it's not good enough for fried food!)

Sometimes your poem is getting to bed early, or going to the gym, or an extra long phone call with someone you love.

Those are poems that feed your soul too. Savor them. (And yes, I switched from first person to second. We're in this together.)

I'll be back tomorrow with a lovely and informative post about Ode to the Zipcode.

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I love your statement that the things that we do in life are poems. So true.


Thanks for sharing we appreciate all the you are doing the special month for us

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