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It's the Most Wonderful Time

Yes, there are a million things that crush your soul and they all seem terribly active all the time. But behind their blistering noises are quiet whispers of wonder and beauty. Listen for those.

There are so many wonderful plans being made for 2022. The Uncloistered Poetry line-up is getting set and building. We'll be hosting both in person and online readings monthly, along with helping to sponsor book releases for visiting and area poets.

Next Tuesday, Moheb Soliman will be visiting from Minnesota to read from his debut collection Homes, and our very own poets, Jim Ferris and Tim Geiger will be reading with him. Join us at Gathering Volumes at 6pm for this end of the year poetry event!

And of course we have Uncloistered Poetry on the second weekend of the month. Incredible line-ups for both our in-person event on Saturday, December 11th at 4pm at the Switchboard and our online reading on Sunday, December 12th at 6pm on zoom.

Of Rust and Glass has an outstanding year planned, with our four seasonal issues and two incredible anthologies planned in 2022. I have been so fortunate to work with this team. We are in our last week for the kickstarter and need your support to be able to offer content both online and in print... please consider financially supporting this journal which provides so much support for rustbelt artists. And keep sending in those submissions! We are getting some incredible work and cannot wait to share it with you, and to share your work with the world!

Seriously... think about buying something really incredible for your loved ones, like a subscription or advertising space in this rustbelt journal that is growing by leaps and bounds. We have so many plans for growing our footprint, providing more content, and supporting and introducing more of the incredible art we find every day in the midwest. Of Rust and Glass Kickstarter is money well spent!

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