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It doesn't even seem real...

to think I stood up in front of the Lucas County Commissioners, read a couple of poems, and they declared me the new Poet Laureate of Lucas County. (Okay, there was a lot more involved and it took six months of waiting among some very talented competition, but it still came down to one incredible day.) And to be told a poem of mine was nominated for a Pushcart, on the same day. 2022 has begun in the most unbelievable way!

I am so very grateful for the honor and the opportunity. It's what I've worked for years toward. And once we get past the next few weeks, we'll be able to dig in to some incredible plans. But for now... best to do our planning from home. Covid insists.

December and January started with wonderful readings... from The Writers Guild at Bloomington's First Wednesday Spoken Word Series on December 1 to the Poetry Forum featuring Jonie McIntire on January 10th, I was honored to be a part of two incredible literary traditions.

And to have a poem included in Stephanie Kendrick's Periodical Poetry... I am a fortunate woman indeed. Not only that, but to have my little ol' Semidomesticated as Gathering Volume's pick for their March 1 installment of Wine & Words, Beer & Books... well, I just couldn't be more excited about this new year!

It's cold outside right now, but 2022 is going to be a very hot year for poetry in Toledo, my friends!

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