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Don’t Call It a Comeback...

It’s more like a re-awakening. Whew, this winter has been weird and brutal! But the sun has returned to us and 2021 has already brought so much excitement in only a couple of months. My chapbook is coming out next month!

Semidomesticated won Red Flag Poetry’s 2020 chapbook contest and is available for pre-sale now, here: If you catch the incredible art from the cover, that’s the work of Columbus, Ohio artist Rob Jones. And there’s artwork within the book as well. How cool is this guy? This cool - And this cool - Check this man’s artwork out at

It’s been a few months since I’ve been on here - in part because winter turns me into a hermit. But also in part because I started working with my oldest at a local farm. Who knew that working in a big barn sorting carrots could be a life-saver during a cold pandemic winter? If you happen to be in the Northwest Ohio area, check out Riehm Produce Farm near Tiffin. And if you happen to join their CSA, tell ‘em I sent you - we’ve been happy CSA customers for years and they’d love to know the word is out! Check them out here - And how hard they work to find new ways to bring good food to Toledo -

But back to the writing… my good buddy, Dan Denton, invited me onto his podcast, The Blue Collar Gospel Hour in December. Check that out here - He has exploded on the scene this past year, starting and continuing some incredible projects, like the podcast and some publications and his own book. Check out some of what he’s up to here -

Some writings found their homes - and, And a few more are expected in the next issue of Beer Money. As well as an interview I did with Toledo Streets Newspaper that may be in the March edition.

And plans are being made… to create an ongoing writing workshop with our local Poet Laureate, to have a March book release with some amazing poets who I’ve had the good fortune to know for years, to get some projects finished and readings set up for the summer. So look forward to more excitement in the next month or so...

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