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Cut It Out!

At the 2nd Annual Northwest Ohio Teen Book Festival, I had the opportunity to run a session on collage poetry. We worked with stamps, magazines, colored paper, newspapers, markers and more, finding inspiration in collage.

For today's prompt, find some old magazines, newspapers, wrapping paper and whatnot. Look for phrases or words that speak to you. Layer pictures and words to create something new.

To find even more inspiration, look up Collage Poetry, (here's a quick video for kids) and find some examples where visual art and literary art intersect like in kolaj magazine.

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1 Comment

Chris Bodor
Chris Bodor
Apr 09, 2023

Great write and informative resources. It is one thing to make a "ransom note" style piece, or punk rock flyer art, and it is something altogether different when you forge a piece after length study about the history and technique of collage art.

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