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Busy Weekend Ahead!

Tonight, planning an outdoor reading for late September. The trick will be in making it safe enough for anyone to attend, but I look forward to working with my co-conspirators on solving those problems.

Saturday, I am so excited… it’s been a while since I’ve been a featured reader and I’ve never before read with SpoFest, a series based in Missouri. But tomorrow night’s the night! Very fun format with four features doing two rounds of 5 minute readings each, followed by a bit of question/answer with each writer, another round of readings, and a fun quick question at the end. Ya’ll should listen in:

And Sunday, Cloistered Poetry of course! Toledo edition, with a lot of our local favorites - Dan Denton, Kerry Trautman, Don Cellini, Deirdre Perlini and our Lucas County Poet Laureate, Jim Ferris. I cannot tell you how much I miss our monthly gatherings at Calvino’s in Cricket West. The usual cast of characters, each with our separate lives and worries, but meeting up once a month in that most holy communion… poetry night. Join us. Listen in or share some of your writing:

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