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As We Move Into The Chilly Months...

I keep thinking things will slow down. Perhaps next month they will, but right now there’s a whole lot of shaking goin’ on! Not only have I taken on the role of Membership Chair with the Ohio Poetry Association, but I had the good fortune to be interviewed by Jeremy Jusek for their podcast series, Poetry Spotlight.

Of Rust and Glass, which I have the incredible fortune to work with as Poetry Editor, has just started a Kickstarter campaign so that we can produce print editions in 2022. For this fundraiser, I’ll be making some handmade, home designed books which feature poetry from our first 6 issues and a couple more surprise works. I’ve just finished setting up my home office and can’t wait for this to be my first project in there!

I am a lover of spreadsheets and track all of the events I host or feature in. Just this morning, I was updating and found that I’ve hit 40 events already this year! Add the Black Lives book, the Kickstarter book and Semidomesticated, as well as the scattered publications, and I cannot deny that this has been an incredible year of success and momentum. So I might slow down a little in December, but I’m already planning an even more incredible year for 2022.

And if I haven’t said it yet, thank you, earnestly and immensely, for just being here with me. Nobody gets through this life alone.

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Wow, that's a lot of events! I have a love/ hate relationship with structure and spreadsheets, and admire organized people. Congrats on all of the great projects you are involved in. Go Jonie!!!

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