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A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On

After some weeks spent with family and travel, I return to the life I’ve been building and find some successes waiting for me. Three poems of mine will be published in Dissonance Magazine (look for one each month from October through December). And all three poems that I submitted to the Women of Appalachia Project’s Women Speak collection have been chosen for inclusion. A lovely boost and I’m so excited to be part of both organizations.

Not only that, but I’m helping to co-host an event on Saturday, September 19th at 7pm Eastern called SpoFest. This is a series I’ve read in before in which four readers are featured, reading some of their original works and also answering some questions about their writing process or preferences. For this event, every person who shares/likes the event on Facebook will be entered into a drawing. The winner will be mailed my most recent chapbook, a PopUp chapbook, and a broadside of one of my poems. And I’ll probably throw another little something in extra. Check out the event on Facebook:

But in the meantime, still more wonderful things going on… tonight, Athens County open mic which I very much enjoy attending (check it out: and on Sunday, Uncloistered Poetry which it brings me joy to host every month (sign up on Zoom at

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