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A Poet's Weekend in Toledo

Ah yes, finally the weekend is upon us and we can relax...

Ha! Not this weekend. We've got work to do! How do you stay informed about poetry events in the Toledo-area? That's right...!

4/12 7-10pm

Respect Your Crown, 719 Phillips Ave, Toledo

Enjoy an open mic in an intimate setting of creative artists. A great way to network and unwind. Hosted by SunKissed. Sign up by text 833.656.8719.

4/13 4-7pm (2nd Saturday of each month)

Peacock Cafe, 2007 Monroe St., Toledo

Celebrate National Poetry Month with Toledo do-ers and creators. Featuring LaKata EK, Live Hightower, Kay Renee, Ashleigh Smith, and Emmitt Williams. Open Mic follows this incredible line-up. Enjoy the beautiful Peacock Cafe, grab a drink, and share the work and words of Toledo artists. Featured readers followed by open mic. Follow Uncloistered Poetry on Facebook for updated info on location and features.

(Immense thank you to Pella Felton for designing posters for the entire year of Uncloistered Poetry events!)

(Ashleigh Smith, Kay Renee, LaKata EK, Emmitt Williams, Live Hightower

4/14 6-9pm 2nd Sundays of each month


Join us as we celebrate National Poetry Month with three phenomenal women. Featuring Linda Kleinbub, Chiquita Mullins Lee, and Rose Smith, followed by open mic.

Featured readers are followed by Open Mic (5 minutes per reader). Again, follow Uncloistered Poetry on Facebook for updated info on features.

(Rose Smith, Chiquita Mullins-Lee, Linda Kleinbub)

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