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Athens County Poets and

Storytellers Thursday Night Open Mic -

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Thursday, November 12th at 7pm EST


Women Speak

Women of Appalachia Project

Clarksburg Harrison Public Library (via Zoom) -

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Saturday, November 14th at 1pm EST


(Un)Cloistered Poetry - host

Sunday, December 13th at 6pm EST

featuring :  Prince A McNally and Wendy McVicker

SpoFest  -

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Tuesday, January 5th at 8pm EST

About Me

Welcome to the website of Jonie McIntire, a writer/poet in Northwest Ohio.

First thing you need to know, other than it’s lovely that you’ve landed here, is how important building literary community is to me.

When I came to Toledo in my early twenties, I found a community that felt closed. One that had hidden cultures you had to seek out. In finding the feminist community, the anarchist community, the literary community, I started to see how desperately people needed to connect to and support each other. In the poetry community, particularly, I found intersections of all groups and people – the academic, the homeless, all races and sexes and identities, different abilities and political notions. Everything interwoven. 


So my important work became creating platforms for area artists, finding venues for their poetry and workshops to help them grow. And by bringing artists from around the country to share their craft, by being challenged by the artists here in Toledo, my craft has grown and been refined. The growth and maturity of Toledo poetry mirrors my own, in some ways. We hit dry spells, we reinvent ourselves, we have boon years of frantic activity. We keep trying. We do better together.

My first two chapbooks were Beyond the Sidewalk (NightBallet Press, 2017) and Not All Who Are Lost Wander (Finishing Line Press, 2016). I host a monthly poetry reading series, Uncloistered Poetry, and have been the poetry editor for Springboard, a teen literary journal, for the past three years. My current project, called PopUp Printing, involves creating small chapbooks to raise funds for immediate needs in Northwest Ohio. Not only have I led countless writing workshops and poetry events, I also have poems published in journals across the country and even stamped into cement in Toledo, Ohio as part of the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo’s Sidewalk Poetry series.


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